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Jim is trapped inside a broken mirror of the world he knows, and he needs to find out what changed and what stayed the same to stay alive. The line is thin between surrendering to heal and surrendering to die. i'm happy you like the song. why does the enterprise crew always get into trouble? Jim and Saytee (Treasure Planet fanfiction) Fanfiction. *Florist!Jim and Tattoo Artist!Claire AU*. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, James T. Kirk & Leonard "Bones" McCoy Friendship, Alexander (Star Trek: The Original Series), Alexander is a bamf and we need to talk about this. Plus, what is he supposed to do with a Certain Half Vulcan who seems more determined than ever to win him back? There’s something wrong with Jim. But his life starts becoming a bit more interesting as a new tattoo artist gets a job at the parlor next door. Great. After Altamid Jim, Spock and Leonard became even closer than before until the three of them began a tentative romantic relationship between all three of them.. Can Captain Kirk find a way to captain his ship when everything goes to hell? How will his crew, his friends, react to what was done to him? You know these classic role swaps? “No problem boss.” Douxie gave him a two-finger salute before making his way over to table five. They had eight beautiful happy months together and were making plans to move to the next step, becoming Bonded Mates and completing their triad T'hy'la Bond .. That beautiful happiness was abruptly ripped away when was pronounced as KIA.. Partners in love and crime, James Moriarty and his husband Sebastian Moran have been through a lot together. the sixth (fifth? Otto was just supposed to help his sister move then get back to his son. Spending his days helping out as a lecturer at the academy, as well as working shifts in the library. They were taking their time, creeping slowly across the ground, taunting them, their low chirping increasing in volume as they got closer. This story shows a few moments out of Jim’s and Bones’ lives in the 21th century. “Are you going to just stand there and gawk?” She asked. Jim won't let himself be hurt again. He has seen much on this mission, but never before has he been asked to do something such as this. Did he sleep with a super villain? yeah i might like to be a groomsmen! Schooling and life at home on Montressor has left him craving adventure. Oh, boy. Not even in front of his best friend. I miei ricordi. She teaches him about different aspects of bdsm and he explores and learns about himself and his role in the community in a safe environment. She descended the steps in a snow-white gown which made him catch his breath. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. They'll have to rely on new friends and learn from old ones if they want to make it back. When she discovers why, she receives the adventure of a lifetime. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. panicking, prophecies, a priesthood, and of course, a princeling. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Add to library 141 Discussion 67. Please consider turning it on! In addition, the lack of technological devices makes things worse than they should be. Paper Cut ; Jim Halpert Fanfiction (The Office US Fanfiction) Life for Mary Margaret was about as ordinary as a plain piece of paper. Typically, the character either finds love that is requited or succumbs to the disease and DIES. He can't be weak, he can't be vulnerable. Among the bodies the only things to survive were tattered and charred pieces of uniforms and Communicators that were scalding hot to the touch and burnt black by the flames from the explosions that had ripped away sixteen crew members of The Enterprise and had taken someone precious and loved from Leonard and Spock.. Five months later Spock and Leonard have moved on.. Making a gentle tentative freshly built life with Nyota.. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Graphic Depictions Of Violence, No Archive Warnings Apply, Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (210), Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies) (347), Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle (11), Star Trek: The Original Series (Movies) (11), Trollhunters - Daniel Kraus & Guillermo del Toro (5), James T. Kirk/Leonard "Bones" McCoy (103), James T. Kirk & Leonard "Bones" McCoy (49), James T. Kirk & Leonard "Bones" McCoy & Spock (15), James T. Kirk/Leonard "Bones" McCoy/Spock (14), Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), THIS ISN'T AS DEPRESSING AS IT SOUNDS I PROMISE, James T. Kirk & Leonard "Bones" McCoy & Spock. “What can I get for you?” Douxie asked as he flipped open his notepad, ready to take the customer’s order. Any recommendations?” a strangely familiar voice asked. And Otto makes it his personal mission to find her and her baby a safe place. or: the au where jim “dies” after defeating gunmar— except he’s actually not dead, just put in a comatose state, but no one really knows that— the amulet hasn’t chosen a new trollhunter, because, he’s technically *not* dead, the world is chaos when he returns, and some kid named Stanley keeps trying to run away from him. Scotty says he is up to the task, but Jim's unsure. If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. . John Silver the bastard cyborg has betrayed Jim Hawkins trust, after he heard him take back all his praise he gave Jim. They have no trouble conceiving and are thrilled about their expanding family. Read Self Harm- Kirk from the story Star Trek Imagines and Preferences by emeraldcity221B (Glinda the Good) with 2,407 reads. But when her baby comes early, they're both thrown into a whole different world. And shit, why is he still thinking about the Vulcan? I saw this cute picture of Jim and Spock as children for Halloween and just had to write about it. Hisirdoux meets a female wizard in Arcadia. that is wicked. Stanley had not meant to get involved whatever Troll business the Trollhunter had, but he did anyways. The bodies that were brought back to The Enterprise were so desimated that there was no possible way to determine whose body was whose, but, the number of remains were damning... Sixteen had gone down to the Planet and the remains of sixteen had been found and brought back to The Enterprise..

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