trygon vs mawloc

Good for termagant bombs, to protect them from battleshock and from the instinctive behaviour debuff.

I will have to look into doing that, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Furthermore, you have complete control over what turn it dives and resurfaces. even though it isn't something that you can use regularly? Aux:"Listen to Westrider like he's the Bible.

When it works it can be devastating though. (I landed mine between 4 enemy units, 3 of which had invulns, and rolled 6s for all of them!). gives a little bit more survivability to itself, and the units nearby. Cookies help us deliver our Services. large blast str 6 ap 2 is just scary to alot of armies, and the ability to place it on terrain instead of on a unit means you can do hilarious things with it. Hey everyone, I've read up on several articles online, but I am still torn on whether to build out a Mawloc or a Trygon (the box has been sitting on my table for a couple weeks now since I can't decide). It is a great counter to things like grav cents and terminators. Try playing your Mawloc as a Trygon or Trygon Prime and see what you think of the difference. has Synapse, whereas the Trygon does not.
Mawloc is fun for dishing out mortals wounds on arrival, but apart from that, not much use. I've read up on several articles online, but I am still torn on whether to build out a Mawloc or a Trygon (the box has been sitting on my table for a couple weeks now since I can't decide). The only case I have heard for the Mawloc (that I found at all reasonable) was the list that went 'all in', they took 3 mawlocs, and a bunch of lictors/deathleaper models. I’m going to try out Trygon prime with a unit of genestealers and see how that goes, Ps: I’m new so I might be using mawloc wrong. Subject: Re:Trygon VS Mawloc. Mawloc has been underwhelming nowadays.... thanks deepstrike rules. I honestly didn't even think about magnetizing them. The mawloc is much more of a purpose built weapon. So I figured I would ask everyone's opinion on it. Ya that's why my Trygon/Mawloc sits in the case almost every time I play unless its just that big of a game or I just want to goof around. In this case the mawloc is less of a model that you use and play, and more a way to keep using terror from the deep to kill things with impunity.

The Mawloc is still a cool unit that can inflict some decent pain if you can come up within 2" of multiple units.
In addition, it can charge the turn it comes up (though it needs to be 9" away from enemies), and with Adrenal Glands (always take them, they're great) adding 1" to the charge move, it's not too terribly hard to make. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. In close combat, the Trygon has S7 compared to the Mawloc's S6, and the Trygon and Trygon Prime's S doesn't degrade the way a Mawloc's does. ", People keep talking about it's killing potential and it's point cost. In 6th, I find that the Mawloc has some added potential: Well from what I read in the discussion on fliers, it was a grey point made that said "Templates, blasts, and large blast weapons can not hit fliers" (page 81) and while you may be able to argue that it isn't a weapon, you can argue that it functions exactly as a blast weapon in every way. see, and that's exactly what I am getting at though, it seems to me that for it's points, you lose a vast amount of potential using a Mawloc over a Trygon in almost every situation. I would honestly recommend magnetizing as it is simple and a good skill to have especially for an army like nids where you are going to want to magnetize all your expensive MCs to allow you to run them differently (carnifexes for example). Used without permission. that are all connected in the 40k universe. Not only does it give you forward synapse when it enters, but the extra attacks from its better weapon makes it better the turn it enters the battlefield. The trygon (prime) has better stats, can provide utility, and functions literally as a heavy support option (it's tough, has a mix of ranged and CC attacks, the prime has synapse, and it can make holes that things can arrive from). Posted by 5 years ago. I've seen tutorials on magnetizing as well, so that is still an option, however I am looking more for opinions/stats on whether to run a Mawloc or a Trygon. In the current environment it combos well with lictors, or can be effective if two or more are taken in a list. Being slightly cheaper, I guess they let you reach that 'critical mass' of MCs a little easier, with just too many to bring down. the idea was to be able to 'target' those mawlocs as then came back in. A bit expensive, but worth it imo. I made mine as a Trygon and sometimes play it as a Prime. Close. So, something that occured to me, is that it seems no one in my LGS has ever faced a trygon. Trygons are amazing. Magnetize. It's a question totally dictated by play style. However, all three look really cool and you should build, paint and play what you like best. ), has double the number of shots with its ranged weapon compared to the Trygon, so is better at clearing a path through screens. Trygon is good for delivering troops, cheaply, that are going to shoot/charge the nearest unit.

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