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Teach your cat to accept these routines by gently exposing them to handling from kittenhood forward. These kitties benefit from at-home toothbrushing at least 2 to 3 times per week. Just like other hairless breeds, the Ukrainian Levkoy requires occasional bathing to prevent excess oil from building up. Overall, it should be in good proportion to the remainder of the cat’s body. The backbone of the middle. If you're fortunate enough to bring a Ukrainian Levkoy into your home, you can expect endless hours of cuddling, lots of vocal communication, and an endless display of silly antics that are certain to keep you entertained. Enriched gene pool metizirovannogo animal unbalanced genome give more opportunities for “maneuver”. Ukrainian Levkoy cats require plenty of attention in return for their affection. We recommend offering a high-quality commercial brand if you're not able to feed fresh food. Kot – male cat. Wallflowers sociable, communicative, tied to the man. As a “hairless” cat breed, the Ukrainian Levkoy should have little to no hair. Fyodor: Gift of God. Regular dental care is important for all cats including the Ukrainian Levkoy. Cat breeds – Seychellois Short Hair The feet should be oval-shaped, with long, prominent toes. Ie, using as a rock-forming, two mutations – Fold and hairless, “sculpt” the breed had to scratch.

Koshechka – female kitten. This should be a new original rock with its unique, specific characteristics. All eye colors are accepted. © 2014-2020 Find Cat Names. This cat originated in Siberia but is now found all over the country. Elena Biryukova Vsevolodovna the idea to create a cat, which would have both a sign of fold and would be deprived of wool. The most popular is the Russian Blue, a striking cat with silvery gray fur that almost looks blue. When creating wallflowers, the following breeds: Sphynx, Peterbald, Oriental, Scottish Fold, Persian, home. Evgeni: Well-born. Dima: Diminutive of Dmitriy. Each time you make a purchase through one of our independently-chosen links, we’ll receive a percentage of the proceeds. Moscow – the capital and most populous city of Russia. Developed by. Bazhen: Wish. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We’ve drawn from Russian cities, landmarks, foods and more. The ears should be fairly large, and should fold inward, but should not be so tightly folded that they touch the head. Ensure that you choose a brand that relies on real meat or fish as the number one ingredient. The Ukrainian Levkoy is highly inquisitive, with an uncanny ability to open cupboards and drawers. Ukrainian Levkoy cats are generally healthy, however they have delicate skin that is prone to sunburn, frostbite, and irritation. I’m from Russia. Learn how your comment data is processed. Here is additional inspiration for uniquely Russian cat names. It should be recognizable. Several dozen cats already live outside the former CIS. For more information on Russian cats, including the Ural Rex, the Peterbald and the Donskoy cat, check this out. The Brazilian Shorthair cat It's very important to keep this kitty indoors, out of the elements. She was successful, ultimately treating the world of cat fancy to a brand-new breed. Alyosha: Diminutive of Aleksandr. The eyes are typically large and almond-shaped, with a slight slant. Subscribe to receive inspiration, ideas, and news in your inbox. Very new, but very unique breed “Ukrainian Levkoy”, it has all the signs of a bald cat (sphinx), and bent ears like a scottish-fold.

A characteristic feature Levkoev is long, flat, angular shape head (dogface appearance) with a stepped profile, big but not widely open almond-shaped eyes. The Ukrainian Levkoy cat is named for the Levkoy plant, which has folded leaves that resemble the cat's ears. The Average lifespan for Ukrainian Levkoy is years. Cross-breeding was carried out with a twofold purpose. These kitties are kid friendly, and they easily bond with every member of the family. Believe it or not, Russia has many indigenous cats. Ukrainian Levkoy cats may be of any color and pattern. Any hair that is present should be fine and downy. For the laying of the first blood line breed cats Ukrainian Levkoy were attracted Scottish Fold (Fold) (natural dominant mutant gene lop-eared Fd, is responsible for the bending of the ears) and Sphynx (naked) (the dominant natural mutant hairless gene Hrbd, is responsible for hairlessness). Aleksandr: Defender of men.

Cat breeder Elena Vsevolodovna Birjukova decided to try something completely different, crossing a Scottish Fold cat with a Donskoy. Sketches appearance cat breed identification and selection of genotypes, reflecting the phenotype fulfilled felinolog Elena Biryukova Vsevolodovna (kennel «Ladacats» Kiev, Ukraine, ICFA RUI Rolandus Union International). And if these names aren’t striking your fancy, we’ve got other international cat names to consider: Going back to the subject of Russian cat breeds, let’s talk about the beautiful felines native to the country. Required fields are marked *.

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