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The only exceptions are, in order of decreasing numbers, the Volturi, the Cullens and the Denalis. Unable to sleep, they spend all days and nights awake. Since the venom is adhesive, coating the severed end with it will help it heal faster. Related: Why Vampires Really Sparkle In Twilight. MEDIUM, 6 Minute Quiz To a "vegetarian" vampire, carnivores' blood is more appetizing than herbivores, though still not quite as good as humans. It is presumed that while their mental maturity is frozen at the age they were transformed, they still have the vampiric gifts of enhanced strength and speed as well the supernatural gifts of certain vampires. After being turned into a vampire, Bella describes her movements as being instantaneous. In the Twilight universe, vampires are not known to be killed by human effort, are unharmed by sunlight, garlic, holy water, silver, any kind of stake or cross, and can enter homes without permission. Human blood is by far the most common source and the most appealing, and subsequently the most difficult to resist.

A human who had some limited precognition might develop into a vampire with a strong ability to see the future. Another prevalent vampire trait is that of a vengeful nature. Newborns appear much like normal vampires with the exception of their eyes. Though if they have recently fed the bruises becomes less noticeable, and all but disappear (depending on how well-fed they are). James could predict the most probable movements of his prey's next step and then follow his hunches to find them. Another enhanced trait is their unstoppable physical strength. They owe their unnatural pale complexion to their lack of blood flow; once they reach the first anniversary of their transformation, they no longer possess blood of their own (though they still become slightly flushed after feeding). Centuries can pass without lessening the ferocity of his need for vengeance. What's Your Twilight Vampire Ability? A vampire may not move at all, if need be, and if they stay immobile for several thousand years, they will start showing the appearance of fragility or petrification, though their physical capabilities will remain unchanged.
This power comes from his ability to read people when he was a human, thus becoming his heightened talent as a vampire. Vampires who live this way are sometimes referred to as "vegetarians". Certain vampires also develop one extra supernatural power manifested from their strongest trait as a human. Vampires also have much better depth perception than humans. Except for one case, Peter, who was kept as a babysitter for the newborns. This is one of the several features meant to attract their prey—more specifically, to attract, fascinate, and (if necessary) seduce, unsuspecting humans. However, though they feel closer to shale than granite, they are no more fragile than those remaining active. As they become older their strength begins to wane, and after the first year, their strength will be reduced to that of an average vampire. All older vampires' eyes darken perceptively as they abstain from blood, until their eyes become onyx, or coal black. Vampires also have much better depth perception than humans. This is one of the several features meant to attract their prey—more specifically, to attract, fascinate, and (if necessary) seduce, unsuspecting humans. Next through the heart, and it will pump again and again in the heart until it starts meeting itself in the veins.

If they were of average interest, their attractiveness would be lower, but still stunningly beautiful. However, as time passes, their thirst will slowly diminish and become easier to manage. No thought is secure from him. There is no absolute age limit set as to what constituted an immortal child; it was a subjective definition, based on the child's ability to behave himself in a way consistent with vampire law. When a human is transformed, their strongest trait is brought to their new life as a vampire, and this particularly intense skill is heightened after the transformation, which in some cases becomes a supernatural power. Otherwise vampires are virtually indestructible. Due to the crystalline properties of their cells, when a vampire is exposed to sunlight, their body will sparkle like diamonds. In Twilight, members of this tribe can still phase in and out of their shape-shifting forms, transforming independently of the lunar cycles. In addition to the thirst, the purplish-black bruises under their eyes become more pronounced as their thirst grows. Edward's gift allows him to hear/see the thoughts of other people, whether vampire or humans, except for Bella and, to a lesser extent, Charlie. Physical pain is implied when their bodies are being ripped apart by something with similar supernatural strength. It coats the eyes, burning through contacts after only a few hours, protecting them from damage and thus eliminating all necessity and reason to produce tears. Their strong resemblance to marble statues rests also on their skin's granite-like appearance and impenetrability, as well as the now useless need to blink—the venom-based fluid that resides in the eyes now fulfills the function of eyelids and also lubricates the eye so that it can move easily within its sockets.
The Cullen and Denali covens are the only known groups to have successfully adjusted to this diet. Because of this indestructibility, it is quite impossible for a vampire to kill himself. ), which she had as a human. If a vampire were to remain motionless over thousands of years, dust will actually begin to petrify in response to the venom based liquids, turning their skin powdery and similar to shale in texture, as well as their eyes which develop a milky film over their red irises making the eyes appear pink in color. The Twilight Saga is a series of vampire fantasy romance novels written by Stephanie Meyer. As a human, she was immune to the mental powers of vampires, thus why Edward couldn’t read her mind. The majority of vampires move frequently, never settling permanently in one place.

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