vg valiant regal 770 hardtop

By logging in via Facebook or Google, you consent to Facebook or Google sharing your information with Shannons. This allowed a stretched-wheelbase VF Chrysler VIP (don’t call it a Valiant!) I swapped out the 245 and BW and drove the wheels off that old hardtop for about eight or nine years until I sold it to finance a marriage and a mortgage – the usual story.”. Each was diametrically opposed in terms of their target markets. without speed governor) Accelerations: 0-80 km/h (sec):6.70-100 km/h (sec):10.20-160 km/h (sec):31.10-200 km/h (sec):0-300 km/h (sec): 0-50 mph (sec):6.70-60 mph (sec):9.60-100 mph (sec):31.70-150 mph (sec):0-200 mph (sec):Drag times: 0- 1/4mile (sec):17.20- 1km (sec):31.5 Full performance data, accelerations chart, acceleration on gears, speed range on gears, overtaking factors etc. You could in fact order the 245 Hemi in this car, though in 185hp form. "We starting pulling things apart and before we knew it, the motor was out and nearly everything was stripped. Well, Scott Kelly has gone one better and built himself a ‘one of zero’ Aussie muscle car classic. Middle of the range Regal sales made up approximately 60% of Valiant sales. "We painted the engine bay while the engine and gearbox were being rebuilt. In 1969, with the global oil crisis still four years away, the six’s ability to go almost twice as far from a single tank (24mpg as tested vs the V8’s 12.5) meant the ‘Fireball’ was for the die-hards. They’re not the same as the sedan and they only made about 900 or so VH hardtops, so the pickings are pretty slim. As with all collectibles, condition is critical. 0-1 km 31.1 sest. Sign up to our free weekly newsletter for more unique car reviews and features plus see the latest unique and classic cars for sale. ):19.6-23.5 / 11.7-14.1 / 16.8-20.2 / 17.1mpg (U.S.):16.3-19.6 / 9.7-11.7 / 14-16.8 / 14.3km/l:6.9-8.3 / 4.1-5 / 6-7.1 / 6.1Driving range(km / miles on tank) extra-urban:550-660 km / 340-410 milescity:325-395 km / 205-245 mileshighway:470-565 km / 290-350 milesaverage combined:480 km / 297 miles. "While we were stripping the car, my son Bailey, who was nine at the time, started to get interested and thought that vals rule because he ‘owns’ one," laughs Jason. "The car came with all the books," explains Jason, "one of them had the original registration number in it so I checked Personalised Plates Queensland and, to my amazement, someone had handed them in!". The basic platform had been introduced with the previous VF series, based on the Dodge Dart. Subscribe to Unique Cars magazine - Print edition- Digital edition, The VE Valiant was an award-winning series in the sixties and still a great drive today. BODY 2-door coupeENGINE 5.2lt V8POWER & TORQUE 172kW @ 4400rpm, 461Nm @ 2400rpmPERFORMANCE 0-100km/h 8.5 secondsTOP SPEED 180km/h TRANSMISSION 3-speedautoSUSPENSION Front – itorsion bars, telescopic shock absorbers. They still represent value, particularly in a market where importing mid-priced American alternatives is becoming increasingly difficult. I was describing the car that got me into hardtop Valiants and he said: ‘Yeah, that was mine!’” Yep, being in Perth, it’s more like two degrees of separation and everyone knows everyone! 0-100 km/h 10.3 s, 1972 Pontiac Firebird Formula 350 Turbo Hydra-Matic North America 200 km/h / 124 mphest. As you can probably glean from the images accompanying this article, things went a bit further than that. As for the mechanicals, parts supply for the essentials is plentiful. 0-1/4 mile 17.3 sest. Register in the USERZONE, share real world car performance results, show us your car, All Makes in automobile-catalog / VIN Check, detailed car history by VIN, Photo of the moment:1969 Buick GS 400 Convertible 4-speed (Photo: © GM Corp. CC-BY 3.0). 0-100 km/h 9.4 s, 1972 Pontiac Firebird 350-2 V8 4-speed North America 178 km/h / 111 mphest. Oct 25, 2016 - Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Private Seller Petrol Chrysler Automatic Cars. It claimed a healthy 230 horses in two-barrel form (though only a little ahead of the top-line 4-barrel Hemi six at 211) and had a reputation for being pretty much indestructible. “I hated that thing,” Scott remembers. For the restorer, some parts such as trim can be a bit of a challenge. 0-100 km/h 9.5 s, 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Sports Coupe Rocket 350 V-8 175-HP Dual Exhaust North America 176 km/h / 109 mphest. - Specifications Table. One of those cars you’d be very wary of over-restoring. A 1969 Wheels road test of both models found that the base 160hp Hardtop manual was just 0.6sec slower over the quarter mile (18.0 vs 17.4) and only 3mph slower flat-out (106 vs 109) compared with the 230hp V8. The same class cars with similar performance (1/4 mile times) and kind of fuel, with manual transmission: 1972 Puma GTE 1800 South America 177 km/h / 110 mphest. Both were just so much fun; beaters but solid. 0-100 km/h 9.8 s, 1972 Pontiac Firebird 350-2 V8 Turbo Hydra-Matic North America 194 km/h / 121 mphest. "I relied heavily on Greg’s knowledge as he owned a wrecking yard. You do not acquire ownership rights to any content, document or other materials viewed through the site. Markets, where cars with this particular specifications were sold: Engine manufacturer:Chrysler Hemi 265Engine type:spark-ignition 4-strokeFuel type:gasoline (petrol)Fuel system:carburetorCharge system:naturally aspiratedValves per cylinder:2Valves timing:Additional features:Carter 2-barrel Emission control:Emission standard:Cylinders alignment:Line 6Displacement:4345 cm3 / 265.1 cuiWhat power? To increase local content, save money on retooling and give it a ‘family resemblance’, the VF front sheetmetal was grafted on and both the respective trim levels (Valiant, Regal and Regal 770) and the mechanicals (a 119kW/249Nm 3.7-litre slant-six with three-speed manual or auto, or an auto-only 172kW/461Nm 5.2-litre ‘Fireball’ V8) carried over from the sedans. Right or wrong, if there’s the choice of an original six or V8, collectors will pay a premium for the latter and something like this would be a pretty safe place to park your money. The commercial copying, redistribution, use or publication by you of any such matters or any part of this site is strictly prohibited. Sold to Mr Tom Elliot of Fitzroy Melbourne on 26th May 2016. "One day after a few beers we thought, ‘let’s do something with it’. The reason for the Hardtop’s substantial size was it being based on the US Dodge Dart, a car that had swelled in size quicker than its Australian counterparts. “I’d picked up a Regal 770 VH that I pinched the front clip off,” Scott says. But what if CAL took a leaf out of the US designers’ handbook and built a properly hot two-door version of a Pacer? Then my wife said: ‘You’re never going to get around to doing anything with them, just go out and buy one!’ So I did. Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages, Scott Kelly has built the hardtop muscle car that Valiant never did - but should have, This article on Scott's Valiant was originally published in the January 2018 issue of Street Machine. Violations of copyright will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law.The full Terms and Conditions of using this website and database can be found here. At this point I’m thinking ‘will this ever go back together?’," Jason laughs. I picked up an old VE VIP wreck and rebuilt the 273 with a four-barrel and a 904 Torqueflite. 1969 Chrysler Valiant VF Regal 770 Hardtop. The Valiant (VG) was offered in 4-door sedan, 2-door hardtop, 5-door station wagon and 2-door coupe utility models. Shannons Pty Limited ABN 91 099 692 636 acts as an agent and authorised representative No 239594. Chrysler (Australia) catalogue   ---->>   1971-1976 Chrysler Valiant 5th generation (VH-VJ-VK) catalogue   ---->>   1972 Chrysler Valiant VH Hardtop all versions   ---->>, 1972 Valiant Regal 770 Hardtop Hemi 265 automatic Horsepower/Torque Curve, 1972 Valiant Regal 770 Hardtop Hemi 265 automatic Detailed Accelerations, Performance Review, 1972 Valiant Regal 770 Hardtop Hemi 265 automatic Tire Sizes, The same class cars with similar performance: 1972 Valiant Regal 770 Hardtop Hemi 265 automatic Market Competition Review, How much horsepower ? There are a number of desirable classics up for grabs at the Adelaide Auto Expo, Want to read Unique Cars on the go? With a 4.070in bore, that takes the cubes all the way out to 416. ISBN 978-83-931772-0-2 © The complete catalog of cars since 1945 © 2010-2020 by PROFESS Pawel ZalAll rights reserved. A top-of-the-range VIP automatic with V8 sold for $4332, the Pacer sold for $3229. While they’ve unquesrtionably always had their fans, the prices have firmed up in a big way over the last few years. [2] Rear end styling on the utility remained virtually the same for the third consecutive model series. At $3898, it was a substantial $1000 more than the base Valiant two-door but had plenty of extra features such as individual bucket seats coated in ‘buffalo grain’ vinyl, a soft-grip vinyl steering wheel, centre console with gearshift selector and wider wheels (5.5-inch rather than the 5.0-inch wheels on lesser Hardtops) to contain the impressive torque of the standard 318ci Fireball V8. It was the eighth Chrysler Valiant model to be produced in Australia. Australian Vintage Australian Cars Plymouth Scamp Chrysler Valiant Chrysler Cars Mopar Or No Car Dodge Dart Cars And Motorcycles Muscle Cars. 0-100 km/h 10.4 s, 1972 Plymouth Duster 318 V8 TorqueFlite North America 184 km/h / 114 mphest.

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