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Star is talking to Alex over the phone, and they are listening to a track of "I Can Be" with their voices. Alex wants Star to go to New York with her, but Star shows her the bad neighborhood that she lives in and emphasizes that's where she lives. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, Concert Spectator Star goes into labor in the middle of proposing to her boyfriend, Jackson as she’s about to go on stage to perform her & Noah's hit song, Breathless. (uncredited), Audition Show Spectator It is revealed that she was named Star because she came out of Mary shining. Pilot FANDOM. Noah Brooks is a main character and the deuteragonist to Star on the television show STAR on Fox. Unable to make it to the hospital fast enough, Star delivers her son in the back of an ambulance surrounded by her close friends and family which included: Carlotta, Simone, Noah & Jackson, who at the time believed he was the father until visibly you could tell after the birth that the father was Noah. She even said that she was trying to force a happy ending with Jackson Ellis but it didn´t seem she loved him she just want a happy ending and i think she just could not except the fact that Noah was her first and only love and she just felt lust and happy with Jackson Ellis but she was willing to marry him because of the child who ended up not being his and the only reason Noah and Star didn´t get back together after the baby was born was because he was seeing someone and why do you think Star cried when she wouldn´t let Noah see their baby it was because it didn´t feel right and she is in love with him 13 episodes later in season 2 a she was still hungover the fact that Alex kissed her man and made a whole diss track. He is portrayed by Quincy. He is the father of Davis Brooks with whom he shares with his fling: Star Davis. (uncredited), Roland Crane Bodyguard (uncredited), Roller Skating Guest With Jude Demorest, Brittany O'Grady, Ryan Destiny, Amiyah Scott. David Wesley Froman was an American actor, born in Miami, Oklahoma. ... and Manchester United star Marcus Rashford. (uncredited), Contest Audience Member Star Davis (born July 11, 1999) is one of the three main protagonists and the title character in the Fox series STAR. His parents were Guy and Gertrude Froman. In a pre-season friendly game against Brentford, Brooks suffered an ankle injury which was reportedly set to leave him sidelined until mid-October. She is the mother of Davis Brooks with whom she shares with her fling: Noah Brooks, though it was originally believed that … | Davis Brooks (born December 24, 2018) is Star & Noah's son. / ... (uncredited), Ice Queen Stilt Walker https://star.fandom.com/wiki/Star_Davis?oldid=4582, Davis is are, he is are, we gotta go get our baby. (uncredited), Justice of the Peace It was implied in the episode, Who's the Daddy that Noah and Star slept together while on tour and he could possibly be the father. Davis was born on Christmas Eve night in the back of an ambulance surround by his parents and close family and friends. She is the daughter of Mary Davis and Brody Dean and the older half-sister of Simone Davis (father unknown). Menu. (uncredited), Church Member, Funeral Fox's Star TV Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Company Credits He taught for many years at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, where he was professor of speech and theater. He was first seen in Zion. | A trio of women form a musical group in Atlanta. / ... her foster mom following behind her asks where she's going, Star says that she is going to beg child services to process her out of the system. Davis was born on Christmas Eve night in the back of an ambulance surround by his parents, close family & friends. (uncredited), Jahil's Family Member She is the daughter of Mary Davis and Brody Dean and the older half-sister of Simone Davis (father unknown). The only thing we really know about Mary's past is that she had a daughter named Star with her boyfriend Brody Dean, and that she had her daughter Simone with an unnamed black man.

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