whos the girl in lover boy music video

They all look sleazy, like Ron Jeremy.

How thrilling! But in this video, the fantasies are totally stupid, basically just T and A with more musical equipment.

(INSIGHT Section, page3) " An Argentinian male model, six foot five", (was hired) "on the basis of his big hands".

They have a weird campy charm.

Everyone piles into an elevator in sped up motion, very similar to the shot in Girls Just Want to Have Fun when everyone piles into Cyndi’s room. Then a live clip, then walking down the hall with a slutty porn star holding a glittery drum for him to “bang” (get it?!). They were very pretty. The nerd-band’s audience also consists of misfits and other uncool people. He has big thick glasses and badly combed hair, like all nerds did in the 1980s. One would expect lots of cocaine and high-end booze at this party. !” “Cool, my ultimate fantasy is to play strip poker with hot babes! It has power.


We're here to help! If you think of the song as a Def Leppard song, things make a lot more sense. Female flesh dominates the mise-en-scene as porn star-centerfolds’ curvy bodies spill out from their skanky 1980s clothing.

We see lead singer Mike Reno standing in one of the windows. you know what means…) with white ruffled shirts—ruffles were fashion suicide in the 80s, associated with the then-culturally taboo 1970s.

[3] The use of red leather pants originated from Reno selecting a few items from a leather shop owned by the husband of the band manager's publicist.

Presumably Reno has fucked, or will fuck, all of them. Porn star women now jump up and down on a bed in an erotically childlike manner consistent with mainstream straight porn, their bodies reduced to bouncing buoyant flesh. But Lovin’ Every Minute of It is truly awful and indefensible. I had seen the video on Youtube and I was very curious about the band and have been searching for info on them and this video. Significantly, he’s also the film’s only African-American nerd, suggesting that the character’s lack of heterosexuality and feminine mannerisms as a black man immediately qualify him for “nerd status,” thus putting him in the same group with white men who are not specifically feminine in their mannerisms, but rather just clumsy.

That is what I get out of it.

It is unknown whose hand and arm are in the picture. They shake their heads and frown, especially the woman.

You sure harvested a lot of negative shit information out of this video.

The remixed version features a man pacing at night, dancing with starry apparitions, while Almond sings amongst the stars. Ahh, now here’s some real ballsy music, the video wants you to think.

Judging solely by chart position, “Lovin’ Every Minute of It” was actually Loverboy’s biggest hit, peaking at #9. Reno’s sexual harassment spree then targets a porn star dressed in a French maid costume that the slightest breeze would blow off.

Would I rather be completely invisible, or visible but a punchline? The video also displays unapologetic cruelty towards those who are not cool, rich, and scoring-with-chicks like Loverboy. Reno and the guitarist lead their porn star brigade down the hallway, arm in arm, bros forever, fist pumping and guitar riffing the whole way. We are supposed to feel relief that the agony of the nerd band has ended and we can now revel in the manly heterosexuality that was Loverboy circa 1985. But perhaps gay men are invited to this party after all, as long as they come in last and don’t get in the way of anything? Where did they come from? Those were the choices in the 1980s. They themselves say they weren’t trying to change the world. This video isn’t blatantly homophobic, but it’s so aggressively heterosexist (and sexist) that queers don’t seem invited to the party (though a couple may have slipped in, as I discuss below).

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