why does nathan petrelli see himself burned

Very early in season one, the Niki and Jessica thing was probably the most intriging aspect of the show for me. Once the free pass Nathan had given his daughter, Claire, disappears after he loses his authority that had kept Claire safe from the operation, Nathan immediately saves his daughter from agents barging into her room who attempt to kidnap her. Naturally, Mohinder assumes that Tracy is Niki. Seeing the damage that can be caused by power being in the wrong hands, Nathan concludes that his father's idea of creating a super-powered army would be the best way to deal with it. They mend their relationship and head back to the US. In " Four Months Ago... ", it is revealed that Nathan suffers severe radiation poisoning and is badly burned by Peter, who he drops after being convinced to do so, and is knocked back when Peter explodes in mid-air. In the future of "Five Years Gone", Nathan has been elected President of the United States; however, he is revealed to be Sylar masquerading as Nathan using Candice Wilmer's illusion-casting powers. In "Fight or Flight" he goes to Philadelphia to help Matt Parkman find his father, with the intention of finding out who really murdered Kaito Nakamura. Without fully hearing them out, Peter says he doesn't have time to be Mohinder's "guinea pig". That's how it went. Or Penn and Teller. Now you'll all kill me for the spoiler. Sylar has absorbed Nathan's memories and seems to have some trouble differentiating between Nathan's and his own, resulting in Peter hitting him. He is then confronted by himself, still scarred from his attempt to rescue Peter. Production Nathan is skeptical as he is adamant that their father is dead, however, Peter warns him that Arthur must be stopped or he will kill them all. I’m enjoying season two, but after last night, I find myself concluding that this season simply isn’t as good as the first one. Claire discloses the information and gives him the name "Pinehearst". Though disappointed, Claire understands and accepts this. He displays parts of Sylar's personality, and giving up, pushes Peter away after their embrace, and throws himself over the edge of the roof. I wasn’t expecting that, because of the small detail of his father already being dead. When Noah identifies Sylar as seen in "I Am Sylar", Nathan resolves to stop him on his own, over his family's objections that he not go by himself. She informs him that their daughter Claire is still alive. Crying, Claire looks on with the other heroes up at the sky after her father and uncle fly off as Peter detonates miles above the ground, instead of destroying New York City. She then frees herself and Nathan (who is still under the effects of the drug) and attempts to escape only to be stopped short of the exit by an angry Mohinder. Nathan reassures her that it was not her fault and that God has given them these abilities for the betterment of mankind. Thomas Dekker (Zach) unfortunately left the show in the middle of season one, and besides that, having the Bennet family forced into hiding made the continuance of that very important relationship impossible. Peter has never seen Sylar demonstrate this ability before since all he does is use telekinesis remember? Already it has a feeling of contrivance to it, so I hope they stop soon. When Peter got his power and came in contact with Nathan his hunger grew so he attacked him. Upon arriving, they see Nathan meeting with Thompson, whom Claire recognizes as her adoptive father's old boss. He had flown away before Peter exploded. He told Peter that if they get out he'd give some of his blood so Nathan will heal. Eventually, Nathan watches helplessly as Peter is comatose for two weeks. After meeting with Matt and Noah, Angela discovers Nathan's body and breaks down in despair, convinced that Matt was supposed to save Nathan, as seen in one of her prophetic dreams. As Peter falls, Nathan flies into the air and grabs his brother's hand. He heeds Linderman's advice and tries to contact her. Soon, Hiro appears, and happily greets Nathan. Seeing the damage that can be caused by power being in the wrong hands, Nathan concludes that his father's idea of creating a super-powered army would be the best way to deal with it. Peter rescues Nathan from falling after his explosion. Claire asks where Nathan is and Peter mentions the window. Except when you come back, because then you are travelling into the past again. You take someone with you. Despite allowing Peter to be targeted, Nathan tries to protect him as best as he can, risking everything to save Peter when he's shot by Danko and falls off a building. Claire discloses the information and gives him the name "Pinehearst". Nathan was a very serious person. I think that Nathan dropped Peter off in space to explode bc he could heal himself and then Nathan flew back to earth. Later, Nathan meets his biological daughter, Claire, for the first time. Nathan Petrelli Simone was wonderfully fabulous. Nathan is skeptical, but humors Hiro, who says he can teleport and manipulate time. The position would be Nathan's second chance at politics, and Linderman persuades him to take this opportunity. Portrayed By Whatever has happened, the new season has left Niki with very little to do. Makes no sense. Which alien tv show was better Falling Skies or Colony? But for the time being, Claire is stuck out in California, at a new school, with annoying fly-guy. The position would be Nathan's second chance at politics, and Linderman persuades him to take this opportunity. As confirmed by the statement on his campaign web site: "Without going further into further details, I am resigning from my elected seat as Junior Senator of New York state, effective immediately. Answer - a character who's so obnoxious and so amazingly overpowered that there's no use in praying. He is one of the characters who has least demonstrated his power in the series, saying that he is afraid both of being seen as a freak and taken in for scientific study. Finally, Nathan gets tired of waiting and goes to Mendez's loft. He repeatedly saves Peter, and tries to have a civil relationship with Tracy, whom he persuades to lie for him. We all saw that the brothers exploded during the last parts of season 1 but how could have they survived the explosion? She advises him to simply wire the money. Claire helps him confront Nathan's death and gets him to stop throwing himself into danger. Nathan and Peter finally confront him, with Peter and the now rescued Claire fleeing from the room once Sylar seemingly flies away from the building with Nathan out of the window, only for them to return to the room mere seconds later, with Sylar having empathically acquired Nathan's flight. Much later that night, Nathan is called to another rooftop, where Peter threatens to jump unless Nathan admits that he flew. Status Though Nathan's intentions with the Heroes are well-meaning, Danko sees differently. As revealed in "Angels and Monsters", his power is synthetic; after discovering that Nathan did not possess the genetic code for abilities, his parents decided that the Formula be used on him. Peter and Angela later mourn his second death together. That was cool, even after Zach’s memory was wiped. Adrian Pasdar The power to take someone else's ability is a side effect, as is the uncontrollable desire to do so. The District Attorney wanted to expose the Mafia connections of his father's client, Daniel Linderman. Nathan Petrelli is a fictional character portrayed by Adrian Pasdar on the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes. As Nathan informs security agents about a threat against the President, he is forced to reveal his ability so they can be trusted to stop Sylar. L ooking eastward on a chilly Thanksgiving night in 1915, residents of Atlanta were met with an unfamiliar sight. He would have been the “K-9” of Heroes, meaning the writers would have had to constantly come up with reasons for him not to just wave his hands and magically make it all better. While Nathan is troubled that he will lose his brother and is devastated when he sees the dead body of Peter at his mother's house, he believes that it is Peter's destiny to explode. The resulting crash paralyzed his wife, Heidi. When Maury Parkman is confronted with the fact that Matt has the same powers, he agrees to tell them everything; however, instead of helping them, he uses his power to trap them in their own personal nightmare before leaving the apartment. “I should have been a pair of ragged claws/Scuttli... misty water-colored mem'ries of the way we were, Using Photoshop for all the wrong reasons. Nathan hires Emile Danko, referred to as "The Hunter" by the fugitives, to work with Noah Bennett to try to capture the Heroes. Song on life below zero next generation season 1 episode 5? (Incidentally, I have a theory about Peter’s memory loss. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sylar's mind takes over Matt and replants itself in Sylar's body after a tense almost-showdown. thats why syalr is trying to change in level 5. He mistakes Tracy for Niki Sanders, as the two look exactly alike. Right? Which reminds me, why are we being subjected to another head cheerleader bitch in season two? She tells Nathan that after a catastrophe like this, a leader is needed, and tells him that he needs to be that leader.

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