wwv time hack

A home “WWVB” signal transmitter low power enough to meet FCC regulations that syncs with the internet.

The sign of the correction depends on whether the doubled ticks occur in the first 8 s of the minute or in the second 8 s. If the doubled ticks are in the first 8 s (1-8) the sign is positive.
The WWV announcement follows at about 7.5 s before the minute.

In Germany, it’s DCF77 by the way and I don’t think that’ll be going anywhere soon.

The WWV and WWVH announcements provide information to Amateur Radio participants regarding the purpose, dates, times and locations of the exercises and other information. I’ll point out that this is the President’s proposed budget. The PCs they had were good enough to play Quake and Red Alert, so, LAN party night with a few geeky friends. WWV has six transmitters simultaneously active, WWVH has four, WWVB has two.

If they switch off the WWVB signal, won’t the 60kHz band become completely empty? Wikipedia has a list. https://blog.blinkenlight.net/experiments/dcf77/

Solar-terrestrial indices for 08 November follow. https://spectracom.com/resources/blog/lisa-perdue/2018/gps-2019-week-rollover-what-you-need-know. It is like public radio, they plead poverty, but look at what some of those people on the air begging for money make a year, and now they could replace all of them with eager to break into the business people for free. If they kept WWVB running, that wouldn’t sound to me like they intended to totally “discontinue the dissemination of the U.S. time and frequency via the NIST radio stations in Hawaii and Ft. Collins, CO”. Kudos to the previous posters who have articulated so well the many good reasons for keeping these stations operating.

I got paid one million lire ($600 today?) I had an idea a while back to do a campaign to choose a specific SSID prefix for open WiFi networks that weren’t connected to the internet, but provided NTP and whatever else you might want to host there. - Teamhack, Reparaturanleitung zur Reinigung des Sumpfes bei ... - Teamhack, Wasser in der Bodenwanne, jedoch keine Undichte an ... - Teamhack, Reparatur Wasserweiche - Durchlauferhitzer Siemens ... - Teamhack, Trommellager für Toplader- Waschmaschinen tauschen - Teamhack, Reinigung Wärmetauscher AEG Lavatherm 59800 - Teamhack, Reparatur Lagerschaden - Bauknecht WA 6763 und ... - Teamhack, Das Magnetventil mit Druckdose - Teamhack.

Engineers aren’t supposed to prefer any particular technology which is why I’m such a lousy engineer. Merve Sen liked Coffee Cup Polymerase Chain Reaction Machine.

If WWVB does go dark, I think I might rig up a low-power 60 kHz oscillator at home, and switch it on and off to mimic what my clocks are expecting. WWV airs MARS announcements on the 10th minute of each hour, and WWVH uses the 50th minute. Don’t stop there though – there’s a playlist with 77 videos at last count, many of them by smaller channels that should be getting more love. Of all the stories we’d expect to hit our little corner of the world, we never thought that the seedy doings of a now-deceased accused pedophile billionaire would have impacted the intellectual home of the open-source software movement.

The $6.3 million (Ive also seen $6.8 million) is NOT in the budget proposal and so it can’t be verified. It is obtained by converting and averaging the eight, 3-hour K index values. Or 12 cents for every owner of a radio controlled clock.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.houryo.wwvbemulator&hl=en, That’s good…you might not want to become like Norman (the character in Stephen R. Donaldson’s short story “Mythological Beast,” whose biomitter–a digital watch-like device that *was* inside his wrist, and in everyone else’s–kept assuring him, “YOU ARE OK,” even as he was slowly transforming into a unicorn [it was an atavistic occurrence of nature, triggered by the future society’s leaders’ technological actions taken to eliminate all fear, anger, crime, war, violence, and dissent–at the cost of human individuality and independent thought]).

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