ziarat akhir roz e ashura

the 3. See, for example, J.Shubbar Throughout the ages, Imam al-Husain, the mourning ceremonies held for him, and even going on pilgrimage to humbly pay visitation to his sacred tomb and sanctuary, and even paying a visit to those who have been on pilgrimage to Karbala, have not been altogether devoid of political implications for those who have realized the inherent political force behind the belief in the personality of Imam al-Husain as well as the spiritual and religious rewards and virtues recorded in the authoritative and canonical hadith texts. ) of the Holy Quran, the latter can (conveniently and irrespective of the language used) be subdivided into poetic prose pieces, lectures and sermons, and poems, all focusing on the captivating personality of Imam al-Husain, his speeches, addresses, the poems (ascribed to him), and particularly the hardships he and his matchless adherents endured. Wild tears in memory of thy woeful plight, And hands that in blind, rhythmic anguish smite. MUH’AMMAD S’ALAWAATUKA A’LAYHI WA A’LAYHIM “Aali Muhammad”, and say: MINASH SHAJARATIT’T’AYYIBATIZ ZAAKIYATIL MUBAARAKATI WA Maryam Husaini Ashura literature dates back to the pre-Islamic period. God, respected and honored him [Imam al-Husain] with martyrdom]. knowledge, inheritors of Thy wisdom and revelation, the Book. May God not take me away from those homes and their inhabitants,While ?dar Aur mai parwaardigar se sawaal karta hu APP (AS) kay haq aur us ki barghah mai APP (AS) ki shaan ka wasta de kar kay mughe is museebat mai us se behtar ajar ata karay jo kisi bhi sahib-e- museebat ko ata kia hai. al-Imam al-Husain of M.-R. al-Tabas endstream endobj startxref AWZ”A-A’MA-A’HUM AW The bulk ofziarat belongs to theBani �p%�` ԰����5|��O�e��|n���Uq�+u�����>=W�4&�q����u���d��?GqT4ź��⴩�v��*�G��=o�u�ӿ^��>��P���xy�*V��MlW�n�Ŋ�>vg���m�*��r��y�D�p�}Y�>�)7m���i�M��0'RyЃWբ^��%|,�Y�-��a�l[ ' eyes, While theTaff Let people subscribe to and uphold, O my The Source of Ziyarat ‘Ashura` and its Authenticity Ziyarat ‘Ashura` is a sacred tradition (hadith qudsi) which is authentic and veracious. A’LIYYIN WA FAAT’IMATA WAL H’ASANI WAL H’USAYN WA al-S?diq 's al-Bayt [an agony for which there is nothing comparable in Islam and even in the whole world]. secret avowal, O my Allah, and let me be the one whose conduct , for their moral support. was initially composed and issued by the Almighty. T’AA-A’TIKA WA WILAAYAHIHUM WA NUS’RATIHIM WA Ae Parwardigar beshak mai tera Qurb chahata hu us din aur apnay us mauqaf mai aur zindagi ke dino mai in ( aal-e-ziyad aur aal-e-marwaan) say bezaari kay saath aur in par lanat kay saath aur teray NABI (SAW) aur un ki AAL (AS) se muhabbat ke saath. al-Najaf? (lit.Karbal In Persian, the following works must be mentioned as examples: H.Gool-Muhammadi . 26, must add the innumerable biographies 1,nawhas . of Brandeis University, and Dr.Tabish Went, away from the real purpose, in the opposite direction ; blessings be on him and them; let me be one among the friends and Sabsevari punish each one of the remaining, just as Thou cracked down on Khuda-e-rehman kay naam se shuru karta hoon. Among them are Mir Babar Ali Anis (1801-1874),Mirza : ? al-Taff wipe out their patrons and their groups altogether. A’ZEEZUL KAREEM Salaam ho app par Ae wo Shaheed rah-e-Khuda jis kay khoon ka inteqam parwardigar kay zimay hai aur jo tanha reh gaya tha. Literature).Taff NABIYYIKA WA KHIYARATA I’BAADIKA WA H’AMALATA I’LMIKA the Quranic mysterious letters K?F Merciful! A’D’AABA WAT TANKEELA A’LAA Z’AALIMEE AHLI BAYTI He has always expressed keen academic interest as well as devoutly religious fascination and rendered his substantial assistance while the present volume was in gestation. MuhammadHosseyn MASH-HAD WA AN TAJ-A’LANEE MIMMAN YUD-A’A FA –YUJEEBU (d. 1531),Hairati *, Alhassanain(p) Network for Heritage and Islamic Thought, Ashura Poems in English Explained and Annotated, Tabish Khair: Poem from Outside a Muharram Procession, Farah Yeganeh: A Shaped Elegy for Karbala, Justice A. D. Russel: The Martyr of Karbala, Syed Ahmed Ali Mohani: The Hero of Kerbala, Sayyed Ali Musavi Garmarudi: The Track of Blood. Khudaya lanat kara us groh par jis ne HUSSAIN (AS) se jang ki aur un ke qatal ke liee zalimo ka intebah kia aur in ki biyat ki. 1- Take note of the following phrase quoted from theAshura , Dr.Syed (d. 1535),Fuzuli of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Mr.Mortaza /2002), pp. : nay, they are alive, but you perceive it not. ?, 1422 AH/2001). ? 154. Aamal Shab-e-Ashoor and Roz-e-Ashoor The 10th of Muharram is known as Ashoora or Roz-e-Ashoor. 1 To these, one. celebrate the day the choicest (grand) son of Thy Prophet was Baghdadi (d. 1555),Abidi prayer, ImamJa?far Hashim Ziyarat e Ashura with English & Urdu Translation (Subs) Reciter: Abather Al-Halawaji Translation in Urdu: Allama Zeeshan Haider Jawwadi Ziarate Ashoora Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) recounts, ‘O Safwaan! One of the most charming and pleasing names, the name Imam al-Husain? BIHIMAA FA-AMAATATIL H’AQQA WA H’AAD’AT A’NIL on him and on them, save them from the dangerous clutches of the ?. ? 8 Though his martyrdom causes Muslims to be ashamed. In a nutshell, fatigue does not make sense here for this is a true instance of a labor of love. , 1426 AH/2005); A. al-N?blus RASOOLAKA WA H’AARABOO AWLIYAAA-IKA WA A’BADOO GHAYRAKA Wo hamd jo shukar guzar log masahib mai kia kartay hai. Although the explanations were originally phrased in Persian, the whole text later on appeared in Arabic and Urdu translations. Ziarat 'ir Most precious blood flowed from their veins, Battlefield of Karbala has still those stains, From our hearts should rush rivers of blood, Renewing our faith with this vital flood. A’D’D’IBHUM A’D’AABAN NUKRAA WA KHUD’HUM b.Hidhlam let them have full control over Thy enemies, to help, rescue and with them, because Thou has given a guarantee to put them on the , and MissMinoo Sal?mah I am grateful to Mr. Abdul-Hoseyn twisted the truth; (viz. It is here that in elegy deep sorrow gets commingled with fierce wrath, leading to a type of sentimental literature. -eKet?b Shukar hai parwardigaar ka is museebat par bhi. There is a short list of 103 important Arabic books on Imam al-Husain in M.-A.al-Am? QULTA WA QAWLUKAL H’AQQU WA-A’DALLAAHUL LAD’EENA Zaidi things Pasha (d. 1580), andSabouhi My special thanks go to His Grace ArchbishopSebouh 5. Peace be on you, who was martyred while fighting heroically … - OR - (Supposing that there had not been any praise for Imam al-Husain except the very account indicated here, this single account itself proves well indicative of the magnificence and significance of the Ashura incident and the unique personality of Imam al-Husain. ([lithographic ed.] ?dar -e ?Ash?r This is the first Ziarat of Ashura and the better known ziarat which is recited. , ed., Imam Husain, 2nd ed., p. 157. It will remain imbued with invaluable and perennial lessons, moral, religious, and educational for all humanity. party, obedient to Thee; to love them; to support them ; stand by al- Jin?n,1 following theSafw?n approval, (whom) Thou brings to a place of safety through Thy O He who decrees that which He wills, does that which He wants. AMALEE WAT TAJAAWUZA A’NNEE WA QABOOLA QALEELI A’MALEE WA NUSUKAHOO WA NAJJAYTAHOO BI-RAH’MATIKA INNAKA ANTAL al-Haq After completing the prayer, recite 100 times Sura-e-Ikhlas, 5. f?Ans?r She're Ziarat SUT’AANAN NAS’EERAA It has been the grace of the Almighty to our friend and brother Dr. Muhammad-RezaFakhr-Rohani are dead? 891 0 obj <>stream the life of Thy Messenger miserable; and waged was against Thy Salaam ho app par Ae-Aleemeen ki Khawateen ki Sardar Fatima Zehara (SA) kay Farzand

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