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I prefer TrainingPeaks instead. No matter what your Zwifting ambitions, here’s how to determine your FTP: Launch Zwift, and on the “Start” screen, after choosing “Select Workout,” you’ll see “FTP Tests” at the top of the menu of workouts. Can Zwift Defeat It?

Players may cycle freely around the game world and join organized group rides, races, or workouts with other users. //-->, Tour de France There’s no guessing,” says Allen. “Some people are highly motivated by looking at their numbers,” says Allen. The metric is called “functional threshold power,” or FTP, and Zwift allows you to determine FTP in an environment free of distractions like cars, stoplights, junkyard dogs—anything that can slow you down, and therefore muddy your data. Another page lets you delete the FTP changes. Zwift estimates the power of users on conventional trainers via the user's cadence and the power curve of a wide range of specified trainers. Zwift’s FTP detection is very rudimentary – it’s just based on your best 20-minute average power. FTP calculation for a 20min effort is 95% of Average Power (W). Bikes & Travel Stick with Allen’s proven thinking and you’ll want to track your progress by regularly performing FTP tests. Tracking FTP over time would be useful. Just skip waiting for something which is easly managable fitting into the code and download this one instead: Thanks everyone. This has nothing to do with FTP, but probably more as a list of 95% of your best 20 minutes during a ride. [30] The Academy expanded for 2017, adding a men's competition: that year the women's competition was won by ex-triathlete Tanja Erath, who finished first in a field of 2,100 entrants and won a contract with Canyon-SRAM for 2018,[31] whilst the first men's competition was won by former speed skater Ollie Jones, who beat 9,200 other cyclists to secure a place with the Dimension Data for Qhubeka team. Take one of our four FTP tests to determine your FTP.

It is not that important. But the fastest and most precise way to increase your power is to determine the amount of power that you can currently hold for a certain amount of time, and then to use that figure as a reference point for your Zwift workouts.
He’s also co-written three books on the subject (his fourth, about training indoors via power, comes out later this year). There should an easy way for users to access ALL of their historical FTPs, whether achieved through specific FTP tests or identified by Zwift during a ride. Contact

It is not for free and not cheap but it is a great tool. Sounds great, but will GC be available in the cloud? Luckily, Allen has some tips for surviving what is a grueling ride: Upon finishing, Zwift automatically updates the FTP in your profile. [20] The launch took place simultaneously in Rapha Clubhouses in London, New York City and San Francisco. google_ad_width = 728;

Try to end with a flourish. Allen, who calls FTP “the gold standard in terms of assessing your cycling fitness,” has been coaching athletes in the importance of FTP and training via power for over 16 years. In December 2016 Zwift launched on iOS,[6] and in November 2017, the application became available via Apple TV. It seems to me that a 35 minute ride at 290 might not give you an increase to your current FTP of 277.

TT … Most of the time, this will be what you use to figure out your race category. Richmond is a realistic depiction of the course used by professional riders in the 2015 UCI Road World Championships in Richmond, Virginia, United States. [16] Min, a lifelong cyclist, found himself confined to riding indoors, and dissatisfied with current interactive options, he believed he could improve on them by "making cycling social". ps. . Maintain your pedaling speed.
Just looking at the numbers (in the winter period) within Zwift is a very limited view of all of your data.

google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2062310126166513"; This excludes TrainingPeaks, but includes Strava, Xert et al. [13][14], In September 2020, Zwift raised a $450 million minority investment led by investment firm KKR. Comix In the attached graph showing the last 4 years of training the diamonds are where my FTP changed. What’s in between is not that important. Some expansions have leaned into fantasy territory, including dinosaurs in the forest (Titan's Grove, Watopia). Users should be able to plot their FTPs from current all the way back to their first FTP measurement and be able to see in what context that FTP was achieved - specific FTP test, in-ride identification, etc. [29], In early 2016 Zwift launched the Zwift Academy program, which utilises the platform to test would-be riders for their suitability for professional bicycle racing. So what exactly is functional threshold power? I can select the workout (if any) where this changed occurred. Guess what, its for free …. [32] The Academy initially centers on an eight-week training program incorporating 16 events, with interval training and virtual group rides and races, before ten riders are selected for the semi-final stage and then a final three are chosen to compete against each other in real life. [2][3] The Zwift game was released in its beta version in September 2014[4] and became a paid product with a fee of $10 per month in October 2015.[5]. The investment round was led by Highland Europe an English investment company. Also and not quite unimportant, you need to be free of stress in your muscles of any effort you did in the days prior to an FTP test.

[35], In 2019, Zwift appointed Craig Edmondson as CEO at Zwift Esports, and has produced two e-race series events, participants were professional athletes competing on the platform. [15], In 2012/13 Eric Min had recently sold his previous company, Sakonnet Technology. It would be a very beneficial tool for those wishing to see how their training is progressing. Paved Road Climbs. Stuff We Like, Rider Histories [33], In 2018, the Zwift Academy talent identification concept was expanded to include the sport of triathlon. Take it on an higher view and take a look of your year-by-year progress or half-year. Photo Galleries, Glossary, Terms, Lists If you were able to do 253 for 58 minutes, though, it’s safe to say your FTP is at least 253! For example, if a rider has an FTP of 210 watts and weighs 75 kilograms, that means the rider’s FTP … Now I understand. [22] A virtual version of the Richmond (Virginia) 2015 UCI Road World Championships Course was introduced on September 3, 2015.

Zwift was originally available only for users with personal computers. In the inaugural competition, 1,200 cyclists entered, with former marathon runner Leah Thorvilson being crowned the winner and securing a contract with the Canyon–SRAM team for 2017. Don’t put too much focus on FTP, it is just a number to set your training zones. My last FTP increase happened after a 44-minute ride. Oral History Project My advice is if you’re serious about your training then do what quite a few of us do and that’s use Trainerroad in conjunction with Zwift. News & Opinion, Bike Tech Essays Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Anyway, if I would install this version and start from scratch then I will get a complete history of my activities in GC. “Your fitness generally changes every six to eight weeks—so that’s how often you should test,” he says. Do you have to do an hour ride or some other minimum amount of time for an FTP increase to take effect?

google_ad_slot = "2395833724"; Sounds basic and should be be part of the subscription package. “Pick up the pace and see if you can hold on,” he says. /* right side */ [9], In December 2018, Zwift raised a Series B investment of $120 million.

Although Zwift is great for just jumping on the trainer and free-riding for fun, ... FTP Builder: 4 to 6 weeks / 5 hours per week / 255 stress points per week (average) This functionality should be one that is VERY EASY to use and not require downloading hundreds of rides into a 3rd party program and somehow mining out the FTP result from each ride. The additional good news is that, armed with your FTP… “Others aren’t.”. [18], The first virtual world, Jarvis Island, was released as an invite-only beta product on September 30, 2014. Or a combination of the two. “If you’ve been riding at 250 watts on Zwift and begin by trying to hold 350, you aren’t going to make it,” says Allen. [21] By May 2015 Zwift had moved into open beta. KOM: A Guide to Why do FTP tests if historical results are of no importance.

[7] Zwift also includes a mobile app which allows users to change direction, take screenshots, communicate via messaging, use power-ups and follow other athletes.

Users should be able to plot their FTPs from current all the way back to their first FTP measurement and be able to see in what context that FTP was achieved - specific FTP …

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